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No one’s life seems great between midnight and 7 a.m. Go to sleep. Things will be better tomorrow.
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Wait no this is when life is the best

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We hear many terrible things throughout our lives, especially those of us who struggle with mental illnesses. These words never really leave our minds. To this day I remember things said to me when I was only five years old. When I go to take a bite of an “unhealthy” food, I hear the voice of my mother when we were on vacation five years ago asking me if I “should be eating a salad instead.” When I reach down and feel my hipbones now all I can hear is the anonymous person messaging me about how I’m “too thin for them.” It’s never good enough. Nothing is ever going to be enough, you will never please everybody and you are not supposed to. You are supposed to live your life for you, regardless of the opinions of others.  Punishing your body in order to avoid judgement and criticism will never solve your problems. Your body is not a battleground. It is your home and it deserves love, respect and kindness. If you or a loved one—or even a stranger—appear to be struggling with an eating disorder please do not blow it off as “just a phase.” Talk to someone, reach out, get help before it’s too late. Recovery is worth it. I promise.

Credit to my best friend Jess for helping me as well as Elijah. I could not have made this project a reality without you. 

I still love this so much…


I think I fell in love with this♥

I just want someone who won’t get annoyed when I text them six times or in all caps. Someone I can go on long drives with and can sing along to the radio with. Someone I can eat pizza with at 2am and kiss at 6pm. Someone who chooses me everyday and never thinks twice about it.
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